It’s the end of summer and the country’s barbecues are once again returned to their winter homes within the sheds and garages across the land. It’s going to be eight months before we can once again light that fire and feast on a juicy burger grilled over that glowing charcoal.  Saying goodbye to that charcoal taste can be a depressing time for our outdoor diners. But now, something has emerged to entertain those pallets throughout the difficult winter break.

The Black Brioche Burger Bun, darkened with charcoal, is here to brighten up our burger menus with its black originality.  Since 2014, when Burger King introduced to the Black Kuro Cheeseburger to their Tokyo restaurants, burger joints across the world have gone mad for the jet-black version of the traditional brioche bun.

We here at Rink Bakery love this idea and have created our own version of this bun. We’ve kept it simple. All we’ve done is taken our original brioche bun recipe and added carbon colouring, creating a beautifully unusual and delicious tasting Black Brioche Bun.

Rink Bakery’s Black Brioche Burger Bun

The Black Brioche is a fantastically unique addition to any burger menu.  You can create a pleasing visual contrast by using burgers lighter in colour; like a Crispy Chicken burger or Shrimp Burger. Or with Halloween coming up, it’s also a fantastic opportunity to create a burger with a gothic twist. If you are looking for something unique and entertaining to add to your menu, look no further than Rink Bakery’s Black Brioche bun.

Summer may be over and the barbecues are back in storage but the charcoal lives on.

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