Rink Bakery's Currant Teacake.

The Currant Teacake. Best served toasted with a little butter.


What is a Teacake?

At a time when the United Kingdom is asking some very important questions of itself, there can’t be a question bigger than: what is a teacake? Across our little island, debate has been raging for years about this most important of questions. The answer depends entirely on geography. For most of England,* a ‘Teacake’ is a light, sweet bun containing dried fruits, mostly currants, sultanas or orange peel. However, in East Lancashire (the home of Rink Bakery) or certain areas of Yorkshire and Cumbria, a ‘Teacake’ is a round bread roll cut in half to make sandwiches.

Rink Bakery has always had its roots in Lancashire. As a result we’re very clear in our understanding of ‘Teacake’ and ‘Currant Teacake.’  Lancastrians call a spade a spade, therefore for us the answer is simple. If it has currants in, it’s a Currant Teacake. If it hasn’t, it’s just a plain old Teacake.

Whatever side of the debate you fall on, our customers agree that Rink Bakery’s Currant Teacakes are delicious.  We bake our Currant Teacakes to the exact same recipe our great grandfather did. As a result, they’re as tasty now as they were then. This proves some traditions do last forever. Whatever you call it, Rink Bakery’s Currant Teacakes are best enjoyed toasted, buttered and served alongside the perfect cup of tea.


*Footnote for our Scottish customers. We know you don’t recognise this Teacake as you have your own version of the Teacake. A delicious chocolate covered marshmallow on a biscuit base. It’s not our English Teacake, but nonetheless a wonderful creation.

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