Rink Bakery Ltd is a wholesale bakery with a very long history. It’s a family bakery which goes back four generations. It began life in 1911 when John Cheadle of Bolton acquired a single bakery on Bradshawgate, Bolton. John’s son Cliff Cheadle eventually took over the business and purchased another shop on Deansgate, Bolton. By the 1950s, Cliff had developed the bakery into a successful high street chain, and named it C. Cheadle & Sons. The two sons in this title were Cliff’s children, John and Peter Cheadle. John and Peter expanded the business eventually acquiring a bakehouse on Herbert Street in Stacksteads, Bacup. This is where Rink Bakery, as we know it, was born.

Rink Bakery currently operates from a site which has always been a famous focal point for the local community. Before becoming a bakehouse, the building was home to a Cinema and before that – drum roll please – a roller skating rink. When John Cheadle acquired the bakehouse on Herbert Street, he was taken by the history of the building. Rather than erasing it, he felt he’d like to incorporate it. The bakery was growing and moving more and more into the wholesale market. John decided he wanted to rebrand the bakery for the wholesale market and felt that the history of the building complimented the history of the bakery. He therefore named it Rink Bakery.

Rink Bakery is now exclusively wholesale. It provides bread to the wholesale market and distributes both locally and nationwide. We’re proud that the bakehouse, which was once a place locals enjoyed skating in, is now delivering bread to establishments across the nation. A family bakery of four generations operating from a bakehouse at the heart of the community. We’re proud of our heritage and we’re proud of our community. We feel that makes our products honest, pure and delicious.

History in the Baking.

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