The Traditional

The Traditional

Our current collection of traditional loaves and sandwich rolls


Currant Teacake

A tradition from the north of England – these lightly-spiced fruit teacakes are delicious simply sliced in half, toasted and spread with butter.

Available 4.5 inch


Plain Teacake

A soft and robust bread roll. Ideal for sandwiches.

Available 4.5 inch

Brioche knot

A rich buttery brioche, hand folded into a knot and baked in individual foil trays for a unique, rustic appearance.

Available: 4 inch.

Oven Botttom

The Lancashire Oven Bottom. Slightly fuller than the plain teacake and flipped halfway through baking to give the unusual colouring. Perfect for the breakfast butty.

Available 4.5 inch

Mini Loaves

Mini versions of the traditional loaf, made with white or wholemeal flour.

Available 50g

Bakers Basket

Selection of plain and seeded soft bread rolls, made with white and brown flour.

Multi Seed Bloomer

Made with a special multi-seed and flake flour.

Granary Bloomer

Made with wholemeal granary flour topped with malted wheat flakes.

White Bloomer

Made with a strong white flour.

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