About Us

History in the Baking

Rink Bakery Ltd is a wholesale bakery with a very long history. A family bakery that goes back four generations, it began life in 1911 on Newport street, Bolton. Over the following century, the business grew and grew and by the 1980’s there were shops all over Lancashire.  C. Cheadle & Sons became a staple on many a local high-street, providing the highest quality traditional bread and cakes. When C. Cheadle & Sons expanded to become exclusively wholesale, we proudly renamed the business after our historic bakery and became: Rink Bakery Ltd.

With over one hundred years of baking excellence, Rink Bakery specialises in bringing the taste and quality of the traditional local bakery to the wholesale market.

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Speciality breads

From our 15,000 sq foot bakehouse we make a wide variety of speciality breads from brioche buns to sourdoughs; ciabattas to focaccias. We make what we believe is the best burger bun in the country and have also developed our own range of excellent pizza bases.

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