The Italian

The Italian

Ciao, see our range of pizzas and Italian breads

Slab Focaccia

Made with extra virgin olive oil and topped with fresh garlic and rosemary. Suitable for vegans.

Rustic Ciabatta

A traditional Italian loaf made with a soft, wet dough; creating a crisp crust and a light, open texture inside.

Sandwich Focaccia

Made with garlic and rosemary, dipped in olive oil.

Available in 4.5 inch.

Sicilian Margherita Pizza slice

Slice of Focaccia topped with fresh mozzarella and Italian tomatoes.

Garlic Slice

Ciabatta slice topped with garlic butter.

Pizza Dough

Our own delicious recipe made with imported Italian flour.

Delivered frozen as dough balls in a variety of sizes from 50g – 500g.

Slipper Ciabatta

Made with a white or wholemeal 24-hour sour dough mix. Available plain or with green or black olives.


Kids Pizza

A handheld rectangular pizza base topped with Italian tomato, oregano and 100% Mozzarella.

Available: 6” by 3” inch.

Brown Ciabatta

Our slipper ciabatta variation made with a wholemeal flour 24-hour sourdough mix.

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