The Vegan

The Vegan

Our delicious vegan range

Vegan Burger Bun – Seeded

A classic style burger bun made with a 24-hour sourdough, topped with sesame seeds, linseeds and millet seeds. Suitable for vegans.

Available 4.5 / 5 inch

Vegan Black Brioche – Seeded and Unseeded

A brioche-style vegan bun made with a 24-hour sourdough. Added carbon colouring creates a uniquely coloured yet sweet bun. Suitable for vegans.

Available 4.5 / 5 inch

Red Burger Bun

An exciting original burger bun. Added beetroot powder gives a unique red, natural colouring. Suitable for Vegans.

Available in 4.5 inch.

Slab Focaccia

Made with extra virgin olive oil and topped with fresh garlic and rosemary. Suitable for Vegans.

Vegan Hot Dog Roll

A brioche-style hot dog finger made with 24-hour sourdough. Available plain or with sesame seeds and poppy seeds. Suitable for vegans.

Mini Baguette

A sourdough baguette suitable for vegans.

Available 8 inch.

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