The Burger Joint

The Burger Joint

Our range of speciality burger buns and hot dog rolls

Brioche Burger Bun

Made with butter, eggs and milk. A hint of turmeric adds a glistening golden glaze.

Available in 4.5 / 5 / 5.5 inch.

Gourmet Brioche

Our Gourmet Brioche Bun is baked in individual foil moulds to give extra height. Ideal for the double burger.

Available in 4.5 inch.

The Black Brioche Bun

Made with butter, eggs and milk. Added carbon colouring creates a uniquely coloured yet sweet bun.

Available 4.5 / 5 inch.

Red Burger Bun

An exciting original burger bun. Added beetroot powder gives a unique red, natural colouring. Suitable for vegans.

Available in 4.5 inch.

Mixed seed Burger Bun

A classic burger bun topped with sesame seeds, linseeds and millet seeds.

Available 4.5 / 5 inch

Sandwich Focaccia

Made with garlic and rosemary, dipped in olive oil.

Available in 4.5 inch.

Kids Burger Bun

A smaller sized brioche bun topped with sesame seeds. Ideal for a kid’s menu.

Available in 4 inch.

Brioche knot

A rich buttery brioche, hand folded into a knot and baked in
individual foil trays for a unique, rustic appearance.

Available: 4 inch.

Onion Roll

A sourdough mix made with shallots and a touch of onion chutney.

Available: 4.5 inch.

Brioche Finger

Made with butter, eggs and milk. Available plain or with
sesame seeds and poppy seeds. Ideal for hot dogs.

Mini Baguette

A sourdough baguette suitable for vegans.

Available 8 inch.

Hawaiian Roll

A brioche style recipe with added pineapple juice for a hint of a tropical taste.

Available: 8 inch

Slider Buns

Mini versions of our Classic bun and Brioche bun. Available plain or topped with sesame seeds.

Available 2.5 / 3 inch. Batched in sixes or individually wrapped.

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